Progressive Training Groups

Progressive Groups

We know that a mediums’ development is something to be taken seriously, therefore progressive training is the perfect way that our tutors can provide a consistent and yet bespoke training which takes into account where each student is in their development. 

We also know that regular training with the same tutors provides the opportunity for the student to digest the learning and then practice with the same group of students both in class and between classes, through a network of past and existing students that come together regularly. A large plus point to consistent training by the same tutor is that the tutor gets to know the student and understands their needs and ways of learning.

Our Progressive Groups also have the benefit of a coaching session from our ACC accredited Coach, who will tailor the session to what each students needs, to identify and work with any self-limiting beliefs that could be holding them back in their mediumship and look at ways to move beyond these. 

Our Progressive Groups take place in both England and Scotland monthly, students will progress from year one followed on by the advanced stages of another two years of programmed training.

The Spirit & Soul Foundation have two groups in the United Kingdom, consistent programs are taking place in the below areas:


Within the Central Belt of Scotland, we are based in the beautiful city of Stirling where the group meets once a month, to assist in the CCPM Module of developing the art of mediumship.


This group is based in the Northwest of England, it attracts people from many other regions of the country too, again using the successful CCPM Module in progression training, we deliver a monthly program designed to assist the students develop their mediumship.

If you wish to find more information regarding entry into these programmes, then please contact us through the contact page.