Online Mediumship Courses

The Online Medium

Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, Friday 8th & Saturday 9th May 2020.    4 X 120 minute sessions. 6pm to 8pm (UK time).         Learn the competencies of demonstrating online.  Holding the power, finding your direction and going deeper with the evidence. 

Upcoming: The Private Reading Medium

SOLD OUT – Learn to move between the psychic and mediumistic abilities of the different private sittings.   New dates to be announced.

Let's Talk Mediumship

Available Now. As a student of the Spirit and Soul Foundation, you have free access to this successful monthly program of ‘Let’s Talk Mediumship”.

Coaching Excellence into Mediumship

SOLD OUT: 27th April – 1st May 2020. You will learn confidence which you can incorporate into your mediumship.   New dates to be announced.

Master Classes

Available Now. A comprehensive twelve-month programme that provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key elements of mediumship.

Observed Sessions

Available Now. The observed session is for the dedicated student, who would like to understand how to enrich their mediumistic ability. The sessions are designed to help you whether it’s for a private reading or demonstration.

Coming Soon: The Self Coaching Medium

Learn coaching skills to understand you, get unstuck and learn how to grow and support yourself in the journey of mediumship.

Coming Soon: The Accomplished Medium

The complete tuition package, it ensures you receive a high standard of formal training on the fundamental practices of mental mediumship. 

Coming Soon: Sitting in the Power

Sitting in the power is a personal journey, learn to move the conscious mind inwards, to enhance your sensitivity and mediumistic ability.

Coming Soon: The Science of Feeling

Learn to trust your strongest sense, let the mental, emotional and physical feelings lead you in accuracy of your mediumship.

Mondays Practical Mediumship Workout

Join is for an online mediumship practice. You will have the opportunity to practice with one to one feedback, direction and tuition from Phil and Kerry. Learn from a highly interactive class.

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