Beyond The Limits – Mediumship Course, All Levels

Two x 5 Hour Mediumship Workshops

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November  2020

13.00hrs to to 18.00hrs (BST) Two – 5 hour sessions

Cost per person £97

Do you:

  • Find yourself limiting your evidence.
  • Find you cannot seem to deepen your evidence.
  • The “No” is affecting you.
  • Find your mind creeping in.
  • Feeling frustrated with your mediumship.

If so, this 5hr workshop is for you, learn how to correct your presentation and understanding, helping you deepen your connection and your evidence.

This course will broaden your mediumship training.  With strong tuition you can see exactly what you have as evidence.  This informs knowing when and how to deepen the story which in turn gives you confidence. 

Learn how to open the mind to see what you have, using the “No”, as a New Opportunity of learning more.  A good Medium wants the “No”, to help them look at their evidence in a different way.  

Under the tuition of Phil and Kerry, you will learn in a safe environment without judgement, being nurtured through the process of learning, leaving with understanding and a new confidence in your ability.

Key Benefits are:

·         Open up your evidence with confidence and enthusiasm.

·         Deepen your evidence to unfold the story.

·        Change your mindset about the “No” so that it works for you.

·        Remove the mind and settle more into the power and essence of the communicator.

·        Feel freed up in your own natural mediumship. 

  • Central USA 07.00hr – 12.00hr
  • Eastern USA 08.00hr – 13.00hr,
  • United Kingdom 13.00hr – 18.00hr,
  • Central Europe 14.00hr – 19.00hr

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