About Us

The Spirit and Soul Foundation was inspired by the Spirit World, in order to offer opportunities to people, to access a form of spiritual learning and mediumship training, that goes beyond anything they may have experienced before.

About Philip Dykes

Philip Dykes is a well-respected, internationally renowned medium from the UK. Early to tuition from renowned medium Paul Jacobs, at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College, left a profound impression on Philips mediumship and understanding of how the spirit world works through us.

It is due to this mindset, that Philip has willingly taking part in several scientific investigations using tight control methods, around is mediumship. These have been carried out by Universities, looking at the intelligence shown by the evidential communications.

Philip demonstrates great joy and the intelligence of the spirit world throughout the world and has achieved much acclaim from students, due to his teachings of the mechanics of mediumship.

Philip has worked in a wide range of workshops, seminars and tutorials using both coaching and mentoring styles of teachings, using translators, some of the countries Philip has worked in are:

  • Canada
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

Philip believes that an education around the philosophies, science and history of Spiritualism, is key to the development of a good medium. It is Philips’ firm belief that a student should understand self, through their awareness and development of themselves, on an emotional, physical and mental level, as these are all vital components of a spiritual medium.

Education of the mechanics of mediumship is also crucial to knowing and understanding different methods and ideologies of spirit communication and how the soul plays a part within that communication. Also an understanding of the difference between the psychic and the mediumistic abilities, showing the difference between the two from information that is emanated from a recipient, to the pure contact of evidential and emotional personality and character with objective fact that our love ones are really living on a very much still part of life.

Philip also serves extensively the Spiritualist Churches of the United Kingdom and has worked on a variety of different radio stations as an Ambassador for the Spirit World, whilst also raising monies for charities such as “cash for kids “in Lancashire. Philip delivers Progressive Groups throughout the United Kingdom, helping students move forward to a higher level of understanding and achievement.

The following testimonials through well-respected mediums and associations, are testament to Philips true intention and inspiration of the service and being an ambassador to spiritualism:

Paul Jacobs

Tutor and course organiser at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College and the house of spirit in Germany.

“I can highly recommend Phil in his contacts from the spirit world, he brings a high standard of practical and emotional evidence”.

Nicole de Haas

Philip Dykes as a medium, is one of the finest demonstrating mediums I know.  As a tutor, he is an asset to the Zwanenhof, one of the largest spiritual centres in Europe. He creates a safe and pleasant environment for students to unfold the psychic and mediumistic abilities and knows how to meet the needs of the student and worked through translators.


We are so grateful for your presence here at the Spiritualist Society of Burlington, Canada. You are a wonderful medium and tutor, but more so, a wonderful person “words cannot express the gratitude we have for this experience here”.

About Kerry McLeod

Kerry began her mediumistic journey when she walked into a Spiritualist Church in her own town of Dunfermline, in the early 1990s.

Since then, through formal training by many well-respected mediums, and by attending the Arthur Findlay College, Kerry has over the years developed her mediumistic and teaching style to incorporate what is fundamentally important to her and what she is passionate about; the investment and commitment of the medium to personal development for the purpose of providing mediumship that is able to share the truest essence of the spirit communicator’s life and emotions.

In addition to over 25 years of mediumistic development, Kerry has over eight years of professional development, through studying Counselling and Psychotherapy at Edinburgh University, Training for two years to achieve a Diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, then progressing to train for a further two years with Full Circle Global to achieve a Diploma in Professional Coaching, becoming a Transformational Coach at ACC level accredited by the ICF.

Kerry now incorporates a firmly embedded coaching approach with her students, appreciating that what might be blocking the person in their personal life, might also be presenting as blocks within their mediumistic ability.

Kerry delivers tutoring on Progressive Groups throughout the UK and through this, is able to take that deeper delve into the individuals emotional and psychological life, in order to uncover and release blocks to achieving the student’s fullest natural abilities and potential. However, Kerry applies the same coaching approach in all her tutoring of students, making this training and mentoring individual and effective.

Kerry now trains students across the UK and in Europe and has this to say, “the potential of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me. I trust the natural ability within each person I meet, I see the potential and I have the training that enables me to assist each individual take the bold steps forward, towards letting go, surrendering so as to let the natural ability be all it can be. Bringing mediumistic tutoring and mentoring, together with a professional coaching approach, is a powerful and effective way to enact change within the person. We are not just about making mediums, we are investing in the future ambassadors of the Spirit World!