About Philip Dykes & Kerry McLeod

International Evidential Mediums and Tutors

International Evidential Mediums Philip Dykes and Kerry McLeod, who each have 25 years experience, tutor and demonstrate mediumship around the world.  Their reputation is acknowledged and held in high regards globally, for the evidence they are able to provide, the spiritual truths they share and the spiritual philosophies and integrity they work within.  

Married in 2019, they have made it their lives mission to share the truth of life after physical death, to teach how powerful psychic and mediumship readings can be and to share their love of the work they do.

Both born in the United Kingdom, both were aware of the Spirit World from a very early age. Philip received early tuition from the renowned International Medium Paul Jacobs, at the world famous Arthur Findlay College, which left a profound impression on him. Kerry received her tuition from the renowned Medium and Tutor, Jock McArthur, in addition to training received through attending The Arthur Findlay College.   For both, their training and experience opened their minds to how Mediumship should be presented and how they both now work.  Naturally, with emotional and factual evidence but with the presence of your loved one too. 

Their work has taken them around the world, however they retain their commitment to demonstrating and tutoring at Spiritualist Churches, centres, theatre’s, hotels and other venues in the UK.  Their aim is to educate the truths of mediumship and the reality of the Spirit World to those that wish to learn or are seeking to find their own truths too. In delivering this aim, Phil and Kerry have worked on national and international radio, international Television, Internet podcasts, face to face and online demonstrations along with University scientific experiments and investigations  

Phil and Kerry are qualified Transformational Coaches, which they incorporate into their unique mediumship training courses. Assisting the developing medium undertake an exploration of self at the same time as their formal training, which sets apart their training courses from many others.

They both believe, “A Medium’s work should be focused on blending in the essence of the communicator. This way, the Medium tells the story of life of the communicator, through accurate emotional and objective evidence, where the personality and character is expressed in a true and recognisable manner. This shows the intelligence of the communicator and the willingness of an unseen world to share their existence with you. The communicator is a real person with real lives and real family members, let’s not reduce our loved ones to purely information. A Medium utilises their own true potential with purpose, compassion, integrity and love. A Medium has no script, only the true sense of another soul wishing to reach out and communicate with you”.

Phil and Kerry’s passion and joy for their work can easily be seen, it is also presented through strong evidence, accurate factual information, together with the emotion of the spirit communicator, bringing a sense of connection to sitter and communicator.

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