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 Online Courses 
A unique collection of courses to inspire your development
 Online Mentorship 
Take your mediumship to the next level, with bespoke one to one tuition
 Support Network 
A global network, of practice and supportive learning forums for students

Online Mentoring

One to One bespoke online training, mentoring you through the competencies of mediumship.

Online Courses

Specialised Mediumship tuition, to enhance you in different areas of mediumship.

Spiritual Coaching

Take a deeper dive into self, get unstuck and learn about your spiritual potential.


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Private Readings with Kerry McLeod

There are three available. Evidential with proof of your loved ones in the Spirit World. Psychic, to gain a better understanding of your own life and decisions. Or a Spiritual Assessment, to gain an understanding of your own spiritual abilities.

World Wide Events

The Foundation is Global, As Philip and Kerry share their spiritual truths and demonstrate their evidential mediumship around the world, share and experience in a location near you.

Private Readings with Philip Dykes

here are Three choices of Private Readings. Evidential Reading – proof of your loved ones.

Psychic Reading- understanding your life qualities. Mediumistic Assessment – of your spiritual abilities.

The Support Network

Global Support and Family Ethics

The Spirit and Soul Foundation is proud of its Support Network. It’s a fundamental part of the training and development of all mediums and students of the Foundation. The Network is a safe space for you to learn and practice, with other likeminded students.


Private Reading Medium

During this course, Philip and Kerry will teach you how to identify the needs of the sitter including the importance of knowing when to move between the psychic and mediumistic ability. You will also learn how to deliver objective and emotional evidence and what these aspects bring to the reading.

The Demonstrating Medium

Philip and Kerry will share with you the fundamental principles of Mediumship and how to deepen your evidence in order to allow yourself to be in the essence of the communicators story.

The Self Coaching Medium

Let Philip and Kerry teach you how to build the strength and resilience in your mediumship. You will gain confidence and learn to manage your fears, inhibitions and insecurities. If you are ready for change then join us on a course that will take you on a journey of self-discovery.

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Providing a network of support for your progressive training in mediumship