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The Spirit and Soul Foundation was inspired by the Spirit World, in order to offer opportunities to people, to access a form of spiritual learning and mediumship training, that goes beyond anything they may have experienced before.

The Foundation believes that developing the self is the key to building the foundations onto which other spiritual abilities or gifts can be developed.

For many people, the awakening of their spiritual abilities and exploration of their spiritual truths around life after death can be a truly wonderful experience.

There are many excellently run Spiritualist Churches, Centres and specialised courses, which offer some wonderful teaching and training. What’s different about The Spirit and Soul Foundation courses, seminars, and 1-1 work, is that our tutors are not only experienced in training the mechanics of Mediumship, offering guidance and mentorship, stretching participants’ mediumship, in order to identify their potential and then develop this potential to full realisation of the ability each participant has.

They assist participants answer for themselves that age old question of “How can I build my confidence” by acknowledging that often what holds us back in our physical life can present in our mediumship too. Fears, self limiting beliefs and behaviours can often get in the way of us being the very best medium we can be.

This is why all our tutors deliver training using a coaching approach with the opportunity to access coaching sessions from an accredited coach of the International Coaching Federation, (ICF).

A LITTLE ABOUT THE SPIRIT & SOUL FOUNDATIONProviding Spiritual Learning and Mediumship Training

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Online Training

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Philip Dykes

Introducing Philip Dykes - Spiritual Medium and Tutor.

Philip Dykes

Philip Dykes is a well-respected, internationally renowned medium from the UK.

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Kerry McLeod

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Kerry McLeod

An extremely well respected International Spiritual Medium from Scotland. Regularly seen at Spiritualist churches and centres around the world.

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There is no fast track, no magic secret to getting ‘there’ quicker

Trust that you will get back the time and effort you put into your development; So, learn who you are, explore and develop yourself, sit in the power regularly and your mediumship will become part of you. It’s not an easy path to take, but it is worth it !

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FredApril 25, 2019

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Spirit and Soul Foundation with Philip & Kerry on Awake 2 Oneness
Radio Show

I’d like to offer my highest endorsement for Kerry McLeod as an Evidential Medium. In our reading, which took place in August 2019, Kerry brought through with amazing accuracy, clarity, and evidence,  my father, my maternal grandmother, and my paternal grandmother.
Not only were events and family members’ names accurately communicated by Kerry, but she also brought through beautifully, the unique and very different personalities of my father and grandmothers.   Each family member seemed to speak through Kerry individually with their own personality, however one very clear and consistent message came forth from them all.
Since the day of the reading, I have continued to experience an avalanche of very clear signs and synchronicities that strongly underscore the message given to me during the reading.    I can’t count the number times since the reading I have said out loud to my loved ones in spirit after experiencing one of these amazing signs, “Thank you! I have received that one loud and clear!”
Amazingly, one sign that I very recently received (words that appeared on a random website that I was clicking through) reflected the exact words spoken by my father, through Kerry, during the reading. Additionally, during the reading, Kerry accurately stated the nickname that my father had for me when I was a child.
There is no doubt in my mind that Kerry blended with, and brought through, my family members in spirit who gave me a clear, strong message and reminded me of how much they love and support me.   Aside from Kerry’s amazing abilities as an evidential medium,  she is a very sweet and kind person.  She was a delight to work with, she made me feel totally comfortable from the get-go. I highly recommend Kerry to anyone who is interested in scheduling an authentic, accurate evidential mediumship reading, an intuition assessment, or both. I’d like to add that Kerry’s fee for a reading is very reasonable and affordable.
Kris Musey, California.
Kris Musey, California
I have just completed a four-day program with Phil Dykes and Kerry McLeod, whose combined backgrounds in mediumship, coaching, teaching, and psychotherapy are ideally suited to a workshop designed to enhance the demonstration skills of mediums. I recognized I was not vividly bringing to life as best I could those in the spirit realm who continue to be real, conscious, individuals! The exercises, lecture topics, and subsequent personal reflections opened my eyes to behavioural and emotional patterns that were affecting my mediumship. This awareness has given me insight into my personal development and will continue to shape my spiritual practice. It’s a huge shift in my perception of self and can only continue to benefit me as I use the tools and methods I’ve acquired from Kerry and Phil. ~ Dorry Rice, Ontario, Canada.
Dorry Rice